June 2024 Newsletter

Sing It Out For The Month Of July!

It is summer and for the month of July we’re focusing on Voice and Ear Training. We’ll go over basic techniques talking about how to train both your voice and your ears to make you a better musician and vocalist!

Student Of The Month

Our student of the month is Will. Will has only been playing for a short time but has caught on very quickly. He already has a great understanding of how to read and even has started learning how scales work already. Will was chosen for his excellent work ethic and overall positive attitude.

 Name: Will

Instrument: Guitar

Time Playing: Four Months

Favorite Song We’ve Learned So Far: Don’t Stop Believing

Dream Song To Learn: It Can’t Last – Gustavo Santaolalla

Favorite Activity Outside of Music: Playing league ultimate frisbee with Milwaukee Ultimate.

It's A Girl!!!

 While it’s always sad to see a long time student take time off, it’s an amazing joy to watch a new life come into the world. Long time student Sydney had a little baby girl this month. News is that both baby and mom are doing well. We wish Sydney her husband a huge congratulations on such a beautiful new blessing. Enjoy every moment with your new child.

Alex's Cool Music Gear of the Month


Sometimes we have to fight the battle of good versus cheap. But every once in a while something comes around that falls into both categories. Todays product is one of those rare occurrences. Mainstage is a keyboard and guitar software made by Apple and with a price tag of $30 it’s quite the value.

As a guitar pedalboard, it does surprisingly well. It will require that you have an audio interface to plug it into which may set you back a hundred dollars or more, but it’s still an incredible value for the money.

Where it really shines to me though is as a keyboard software. If you own an electric piano, you can simply connect it via USB and have hundreds of high quality sounds and patches at your disposal. Many groups have offered free downloads and patches with their own custom sounds so for the people looking to go crazy, there area  ton of resources online to help get you started.

Upcoming Music Gigs

This section promotes not just teacher music shows but also student shows as well!

7/4 – Tosa Tonight @ Wauwatosa – Sons of Sconnie

7/5 – Summerfest South Party Pavilion @ Milwaukee – Sons of Sconnie

7/6 – Shotskis @ Eagle River – Sons of Sconnie

7/6 – Bailey’s Pour Haus @ Lakewood – Broken Arrow Band

7/19 – Paperfest @ Kimberly – Broken Arrow Band

7/20 – Salmon-A-Rama @ Racine – Sons of Sconnie

7/20 – Summer Twister – Gleason – Broken Arrow Band

7/26 – St. John The Evangelist @ Greenfield – Sons of Sconnie

7/27 – Washington County Fair @ Jackson – Sons of Sconnie

How Bout Dem Packers

The Packers are currently in off season so most of the news around the team has to do with front office stuff. With that, Packers board announced that starting next year in July, we’ll have a new CEO! Ed Policy becomes the teams 11th CEO and will take over for current CEO Mark Murphy.

There’s lots of buzz going around the team and it’s potential right now. Young team, promising quarterback, new CEO, and hosting the draft next year. What’s not to love about the Packers right now?!

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June 2024 Newsletter

Sing It Out For The Month Of July! It is summer and for the month of July we’re focusing on Voice and Ear Training. We’ll

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