Policies And Refunds

Cancelation Policy

Teachers must be given at least one weeks notice when canceling a lesson. Lessons that are not cancelled before this deadline are subject to being charged and given a make up credit. A lesson cancelled one week out or further are not subject to charge. This includes recurring lessons and cancelling all future lessons.

Exceptions may include emergencies or extreme weather. Decisions on if a make up lesson or a charge occurs in these instances are subject to Milwaukee Music Lessons and/or the teacher.

Refund Policy

There is no refund offered for make up credits under the cancelation policy. In a situation where Milwaukee Music Lessons made an accidental charge, the student is entitled to a full refund.

Make Up Lessons/Credits

If a student needs to cancel from their normal lesson time, they have four options for how to use that lesson.

1. Reschedule Privately/Cancel – 1 Weeks Notice

If a student wants to cancel their lesson or reschedule their normal time, they will need to give the teacher at least 7 days notice. If they want to cancel for a week and avoid the weekly charge for a lesson, they’ll need to also provide at least 7 days notice. Students are allowed to cancel once a month. A second cancelation within a month will still be charged but will be converted to a makeup credit. (See 4. Group Makeup Lesson)

2. Video Makeup Lesson – 48 Hours Notice

Students can request a custom video makeup lesson from their instructor. Students must give the instructor at least 48 hours notice to use this method. The video provided will be a minimum of 15 minutes long.

3. Gift Lesson To Another Student – 24 Hours Notice

Students can transfer their lesson to a friend or family member. These students do not have to be active members at Milwaukee Music Lessons. Transferring this lesson requires only 24 hours notice. The transfer must be of the same lesson type and instrument.

4. Group Makeup Lesson

Students who fail to meet the required notice limits or do not give any notice are given a makeup credit and are entitled to a group makeup lesson. Group makeup lessons are offered a minimum of once per month for each instrument and are an hour long. Group makeups have a limit of 3 people per class. A student can reserve their spot in the group makeup by calling, emailing their teacher, or through their online portal.

A student can carry a total of 4 makeup credits. Each makeup credit has an expiration date of 120 days from the date they missed the lesson.

Maintaining Your Reserved Time Slot

Students who fail to provide notice or miss lessons for 3 weeks or more are subject to losing their reserved time slot and having their payment cancelled at the discretion of the teacher/studio. A student who is removed from the schedule may be subject to the registration fee. If you need to miss an extended period of time, be sure to communicate with your teacher so arrangements can be made.


Students and non students can earn a free $20 gift card to their favorite local restaurant, movie theater, or Amazon gift card by bringing in a brand new student and having them sign up for 4 lessons. Once they have purchased four lessons, both the referrer and the new student will each receive a $20 gift care to their choice of local restaurant, movie theater, or Amazon gift card.


Lessons that have been purchased on behalf of another student or a new student are eligible to be redeemed up to one year from the date of purchase. A lessons eligibility after the redemption deadline is subject to the discretion of Milwaukee Music Lessons. Milwaukee Music Lessons is not obligated to fulfill lessons after this one year deadline.


After the initial trial lesson, students will be required to sign up for automatic payments in order to continue lessons. Lessons are charged weekly and may be charged 24 hours or more before the date of the lesson. In the case of a failed automatic payment, students have one week to resolve payment issues. Payments not resolved after 7 days are subject to a penalty fee or possible cancelation of future lessons.

Registration Fee

New students and students who are no longer on the active roster will be required to pay a registration fee to enroll. This registration fee is only required upon initial enrollment and does not occur again unless the student has cancelled their recurring lesson.

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