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Guitar, Drums, Piano, Voice, and Mixing

Why Milwaukee Music Lessons is
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Milwaukee Music Lessons is Southeastern Wisconsin’s premier choice for professional music instruction. We work with a wide range of styles and teach from ages 6 to adult. We offer lessons for Electric and Acoustic Guitar, Drums, Voice and Singing, Piano, and Mixing all at one great location.




Reviews and Testimonials

Over 200+ Students Taught....

Sydney Dyer
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I've been taking lessons with Alex for nearly 3 years and it's been the best! His lessons are very student-led and he will teach me whatever I want to learn, which keeps me motivated, rather than learning from a structured book. Yet he also pushes me when I need it to make sure I'm improving. Not only is he an extremely talented guitarist, but he has an answer for every question, whether it's about gear or music theory. Could not be a better investment in myself.
Mike King
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I've been taking guitar lessons from Alex for roughly 6 years. My daughter took lessons from Alex from middle school until she left for college. I used to be amazed by all of the great bands she learned to play on electric guitar including Metallica, Scorpions, Kansas, AC/DC, Ozzy, and so on. She really killed her school talent shows. Once she left for college, I took over her lessons and have been playing ever since. I started electric guitar learning many of the metal and 80's songs. Now I am learning acoustic which is very fun. I highly recommend Alex for lessons.
Scott Hoff
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My son has been taking guitar lessons with Alex for a few months now and he loves it! He looks forward to going every week. Alex is fun and engaging. He is very student led and lets my son even choose songs that he wants to learn. He also encourages and pushes him in areas that need improvement. My son has come a long way in just a few months. Awesome teacher, highly recommend!
Alex Martinez
Student - Guitar
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After careful research I decided to put my trust into Alex to guide my guitar playing journey. As a beginner guitar player, I was a bit nervous, but Alex was very encouraging and eased my nerves. I thought I would have to spend a couple lessons learning the cords, structures of the guitar or how to tune the guitar, but Alex had me pick up the guitar and playing in no time. Alex took his time to teach me the ability to learn and play on my own. I have worked with Alex a couple months now and hope to continue learning from him.
Biswajit Mishra
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Alex is a great instructor that adapts to my needs as a very busy guitar player. He helps me work on new skills and adapts his lessons to work with my schedule. As a college student, guitar lessons with him are always a fun break from the week!
Jess Weber
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We’ve been with Alex for almost a year now. Our 11yr old son has loved his weekly guitar lessons and has improved so much in this time. He and Alex have established a really solid bond and it’s wonderful that my son has found such a great mentor. Alex is a talented and enthusiastic teacher, and we whole-heartedly recommend him. Thank you Alex!
Amanda Barber
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Alex has been a great guitar instructor for my 13-year-old daughter. I enjoy how flexible Alex has been in following her lead, as well as helping her with songs of her own choosing. My daughter enjoys going to lessons each week and has been steadily improving and becoming more confident!
Jenni Hansen
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My 11 year old son has been taking drum lessons with Alex for nine months and absolutely loves going. He has never had lessons before. Along with teaching music theory, each lesson includes a very relatable song to a kid. My son eagerly awaits each lesson in anticipation of finding out what new fun song he’ll learn.
Donna Galik
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Alex has the ability to adjust quickly during a lesson to meet a students needs. if I am not grasping a concept he will change wording, demonstrate or find an example in a song from his extensive memory bank. I made the decision to learn to play the guitar from an experienced teacher rather than try to figure things out for myself. I believe this is a good investment of my time and money.
Kerri Hauenstein
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I highly recommend Milwaukee Guitar Lessons with Alex Bennett. As someone who has never picked up an instrument until July of 2022, Alex made the introduction to guitar easy and understandable. It takes some time to build on your skills, but Alex is so supportive and patient at any stage. He never pressures you, and you can move at your own pace and continue to master skills. To playing my favorite rock songs to new songs, you will not find a better teacher in the Milwaukee area than Alex.
Kyle Rasmussen
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Alex is a professional both in playing and teaching. He is able to adapt his teaching style to whatever suites your needs, from beginner to advanced. Highly recommend.
Sam Wheeler
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Alex is a great instructor. Very flexible with timing and always extremely helpful!

Why Choose MKE Music Lessons?

1. Piano, Guitar, Voice, Singing, Drums, and Mixing all under one roof!

We are the place to come for well rounded music instruction. All Piano, Electric and Acoustic Guitar, Drum set, Voice, and Singing lessons in one location! We also offer songwriting, music theory, improvisation, and ear training courses to give you the BEST music lesson experience in Milwaukee that no one else can offer.

2. The best and most qualified teachers in Milwaukee.

The teachers at Milwaukee Music Lessons are all professionals with years of experience. Training ranges from classic to modern styles and private instruction to large groups. Our teachers are knowledgable, reassuring, easy to work with, and dedicated to getting you the results you want. The reviews speak for themselves!

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3. Week to Week Payments

Some music schools want to trap you into taking lessons for a long period of time. Never feel like you’re trapped into a month or season of music lessons. Lessons are charged week to week with no long term commitment required.

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4. Free Online Resources

Signing up with MKE Music Lessons grants you access to a catalogue of premade lessons online. These lessons range from PDF’s to Audio Examples to Video Lessons. Whether you want to use the videos to learn new techniques or to supplement your current lessons, know that you’re getting all the support you need once you leave the classroom.

5. Early Lesson Times

Are you retired and looking for an early time slot? Do you have a child who’s homeschooled and don’t want to fight the traffic? Milwaukee Music Lessons has early afternoon and morning slots for your convenience.

6. Flexible Makeup Options

Milwaukee Music Lessons wants you to get the most for your money. That’s why we’ve worked out four distinct ways to makeup your lesson. Know that whether it’s a planned absence, an emergency, or if you just forgot, we’re here to make sure you get the lesson you paid for.

7. Your Own Personal Online Service

Students who attend Milwaukee Music Lessons are given an online account where they can communicate with their teacher directly. Students can ask questions, ask for practice material, borrow books, or update teachers of lesson changes all from their very own personal online profile. Taking lessons has never been more convenient!

8. No Commitment Trial Lesson

Not sure if this is the place for you? Come visit our studio and experience a lesson for yourself. There’s no commitment, no fee, no pressure. If you don’t like your lesson you don’t have to come back. But if you’re completely satisfied with your lesson, then it’s as simple as signing up for your weekly class.

No Registration Fee Through April 30th
($25 Value)

In addition to the free trial lesson, take advantage of our “No Registration Fee” special. New students who sign up for four lessons can skip the registration fee. Getting started has never been easier. Don’t wait and claim this amazing limited time offer today!

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